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Evaluation Feedback

Some feed back we have received

“They sat with me, they were there when I needed to cry, encouraged me and praised me. We did visual mind maps and made weekly goals. This was the encouragement I needed in this difficult time”


“I have gained self-worth, self-love and care because of the valuable job/service you provide”


“You were in our life a short time but made a big impact on our family. Thank you for giving me a safe place to call home and to raise my amazing children”


“I am enjoying the company of others at the Out of Hours groups because] “it is good to meet other people”


“Since I have come into refuge, I have got a lot more confidence. The staff have been a support to me and the children. I think Women’s Aid is a great service for families”


“giving me a place to feel safe and making my future look 100 times better than my past”


“safety, health, support, thriving and happiness”


“Will forever appreciate our time here”