Beautiful poem, written by a young person in our service

Self Actualisation

Do we ever realise how miniscule we are?

Not even the fact the earth is so big

or our problems

or our dreams

I just find the life we have?

It’s short.


I’ve often been told I pick the bigger size of boots so I can grow into them

or that I overanalyse the picture

but I don’t

really I don’t

I like to realise the small details


the little things

I discover

are my fools gold

I don’t care if it gives me artificial limited pleasure

it’s still treasure to someone


the peels of nectarines

the rings of pine

the spine of a book being cracked

the smell of gingerbread


the vibrant prism of a pair of eyes

the silkiness of a forehead kiss

the boing of my hair bouncing back from silky fingers

my grandmothers hugs


drizzled honey

blueberry jam

salted fries

sour grapes

raspberry milkshakes even if I’m lactose intolerant

potent roses even if I have hay fever

spider webs even if they’re dust ridden

rom-cons even if I’m heart-broke

the scribble from my journal

the vibrations of songs booming out of my ears




the satisfactory release after a good cry

the heart palpitations when gabbling about what’s special to me

the embrace after a heated fight

the knee slapped sigh after a giggle


and it’s gone

it’s momentary

it’s lost

but you know what I love?

you can do it again




I understand in the big picture

that’s it’s the universe in this analogy

but every stroke of joy we experience






it is relied upon


and it’s not that big


written by Sydney, age 16.