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#notinourname - #NOTINOURNAME Copied from Rape Crisis Scotland Today the Scottish Parliament has the chance to reject the UK Government's cruel Nationality and Borders Bill. We've written a statement with Scottish Refugee Council, Just Right Scotland and more than 60 Scottish organisations… ...more
Domestic Abuse, Child Contact and the Family Courts - Domestic Abuse, Child Contact and the Family Courts - what impact did lockdown have on women, children and young people? For many women, leaving an abusive partner does not mean the end of the power and control exerted by the… ...more
Christmas 2021 - It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... What a few weeks it has been. We had a fun Christmas wreath making workshop followed by a lovely Christmas meal, we had the tree up in the office and the… ...more
Poem - SSSSHHH           He’s quiet now. Sleeping. His usually tidy hair soaked with sweat I look at him with love. Or hate. Or both And I wonder Is this what all monsters look like when they are… ...more
Fleeing domestic abuse – a young person’s story - My Story by Sophie The sound of my alarm woke me up, I was dreading the day already, I peered through the window and was met with a cold breeze that hit my sensitive skin, the sound of the rain… ...more
Cycle of Abuse - Leaving any relationship is never an easy decision to make, nor an easy one to carry out. But although there may be hurdles to overcome for domestic abuse victims, both emotional and practical, with support and time to heal, it… ...more
Open for face to face appointments - Exciting news! We are happy to share with you that as of Monday 17th May, our office will be OPEN for face to face appointments. This now includes walk in appointments as well as pre booked appointments. Whilst this is… ...more

Evaluation Feedback

Some feed back we have received

“They sat with me, they were there when I needed to cry, encouraged me and praised me. We did visual mind maps and made weekly goals. This was the encouragement I needed in this difficult time”


“I have gained self-worth, self-love and care because of the valuable job/service you provide”


“You were in our life a short time but made a big impact on our family. Thank you for giving me a safe place to call home and to raise my amazing children”


“I am enjoying the company of others at the Out of Hours groups because] “it is good to meet other people”


“Since I have come into refuge, I have got a lot more confidence. The staff have been a support to me and the children. I think Women’s Aid is a great service for families”


“giving me a place to feel safe and making my future look 100 times better than my past”


“safety, health, support, thriving and happiness”


“Will forever appreciate our time here”